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  • "Absolutely LOVE the lashes so easy to use, i'm obsessed!!!"

  • "They are literally saving my life, my lashes would be bald without them. Thank you!"

  • "WTF these are better than extensions! They literally stick on like magnets.."

  • "OMG I can't believe how quick these take to do! Mine have been lasting around 8 days too thank you so much!"

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Magic Elixir & Peach Potion Glue

Apply and remove your lashes safely with our Peach Potion Glue and Magic Elixir Remover.

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Starter Kits

Perfectly tailored to help you get started on your own lash journey!

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Our Values


    We love animals and are against animal cruelty therefore our lashes are made of faux-mink and are 100% cruelty free.


    Our products are completely vegan and do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.


    Our lashes last up to 5-8 days, being one of the longest lasting 'do it yourself' lashes on the market!


    All our products are made of premium quality, for a durable and natural looking result.